Newport MUD Adjusts Water and Sewer Rates

Newport MUD serves approximately 3800 residential customers, 3 apartment complexes, 1 school, 1 training facility and 11 commercial customers. To serve our customers, Newport MUD:

  • Operates and maintains a 2.4 mgd surface water treatment facility
  • Operates and maintains a 1.3 mgd wastewater treatment facility
  • Maintains and Repairs Collection and Distribution System
  • Provides twice weekly garbage and heavy trash pickup
  • Built and maintains three neighborhood parks and a 2 ¾ mile trail system
  • Maintains and repairs as required 3 Detention Ponds and 3 additional are scheduled to maintained in 2019

Newport MUD’s rates to residential customers have not increased in 12 years, and they are very competitive with other area providers that use surface water. However, the costs to provide water and sewer service and to maintain our 40-year-old water distribution and sewage collection system have increased. Newport MUD has absorbed price increases and has cut other expenses, wherever possible, to maintain competitive residential rates. Additionally, operating and maintaining the three parks and trails is not without cost. Listed below are just a few of the costs that have risen over the past several years:

  • Garbage Service provided twice weekly
  • Purchasing raw water from San Jacinto River Authority
  • Purchasing water treatment chemicals
  • Repairing water distribution and sewage collection infrastructure
  • Operating and maintaining water and sewer treatment facilities
  • Sludge hauling, required at the District TreatmentFacilities
  • State Required Testing and Monitoring

Due to these rising costs to operate and maintain our facilities, it is necessary to make some increases to water and sewer bills to cover production costs and to avoid a budget deficit. There will be $5.00 added to the minimum sewer bill on all Single-Family Residential homes to help offset the cost of the residential garbage service. Newport MUD pays $12.50 for each home in Newport. Also, an S.J.R.A. fee of $0.465 per thousand gallons will be added to offset the cost of raw water purchased by Newport MUD from the San Jacinto River Authority. If you would like to view the SJRA invoices, please visit The increase will become effective January 1, 2019. You will see this increase on your bill starting in February 2019 for the January billing cycle. Should you require any additional information or have any questions please contact the Districts billing office at 281-324-9803.

Our board meetings are always open to the public, the time and location of the meetings are printed on your monthly bill and listed on the District’s Website

Newport Municipal Utility District Board of Directors

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Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Board meetings are held at:
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