Notice on Surface Water Treatment Plant Maintenance

Newport Municipal Utility District “Newport MUD” has experienced an unforeseen mechanical failure at its Surface Water Treatment Plant. This event has limited Newport MUD’s ability to produce the volume of water from the Surface Water Treatment Plant. Professional Utility Services (Newport MUD’s Water and Wastewater Operator) has notified the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality as required to request a temporary approval for a changing the disinfection process from a chloramine to a free chlorine disinfection process.

Effective September 6, 2019 through September 30, 2019, Newport MUD will be utilizing Surface Water produced at the Surface Water Treatment Plant , location Golf Club Dr. in conjunction with the District’s Water Well (groundwater) located at Poppets Way . Due to the high usage demands by Newport Residents and Commercial users it is necessary to utilize both water sources to meet the community’s needs.

We will be switching from a chloramine to a free chlorine disinfectant to minimize the color and odor problems that some residents may experience.

To provide the customers of Newport with the highest quality drinking water during the necessary repairs to the Surface Water Treatment Plant, Newport MUD’s operators will be actively flushing lines to minimize any adverse water quality issues throughout the District.

Should you experience any issues with your water please contact the District’s Operator /24-7 hour At 281-324-9803. An operator will be dispatched to address your concerns and/or issues.