Election Cost Breakdown

Resident Q & A series: How much does it cost to hold an election?

Throughout Newport MUD’s recent bond election cycle, the board used its best efforts to make the process as open and transparent as possible.  The directors and our consultants fielded a number of unique questions in our effort to educate the residents of Newport about the projects and costs of our future rehabilitation needs.  One consistent question received was related to the cost of the district holding an election and why the board chose to request ten years’ worth of bond authorization instead of holding multiple elections every three to four years as some suggested.

Elections are expensive for a district to hold with many state and federal requirements that must be followed.  Below is a breakdown of the direct costs incurred by the district to publish the required notices, generate voter information and translate into four languages, hold multiple community engagement events, and partner with Harris County to manage and conduct the actual election.

Much of these costs are required by law and not optional. The board chose to engage a communications consultant to assist the District in consolidating the relevant information into easily-digested and understandable formats. As part of this resident education initiative, events like community discussions and open houses are standard practice. They provide opportunities for the board to listen to residents’ thoughts and concerns, as well as provide voters with access to all the information they would need to form an educated position on the ballot measure.

The Newport MUD board is currently engaged in a new round of public events and community discussions to better understand the issues and questions that residents of Newport may have had about the November authorization election. If the board chooses to move forward with a new ballot measure in the spring of 2020, many of the educational materials, exhibits and project boards will likely be used again, which may result in reducing the cost of holding a second election. Unfortunately, elections are an expensive proposition no matter how you look at them. It is an inefficient use of taxpayer funds to repeat bond authorization elections every three to four years. 

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