Main Line Breaks and What It Can Cost the District

The afternoon of December 13 ,2020 the Newport MUD’s Operation staff noticed a water pressure drop in the District and dispatched a crew to investigate the cause. The crew located a large main line break on Wherry Drive. Due to the mainline break the District lost about 1.3 million gallons of water. The repair crew isolated the main line, and the repairs began. Crews stayed onsite until the completion of the repair the evening of December 13. The Newport MUD Board of Directors in an effort to keep the residents of Newport MUD informed, wanted to let the residents know the cost to Newport MUD for this repair.

Water main breaks occur for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons are age of the infrastructure and ground condition. All materials wear out over time, which can eventually result in a water main failure. Hot temperatures and dry conditions can cause the ground to shift and settle, creating a shearing effect. Other factors that cause a water main break include:

  • Materials – All materials wear out, increasing the likelihood that a crack in the pipe could occur as the soil around it expands and contracts with changing ground conditions.
  • Erosion – If the soil around a water main erodes due to a previous water repair, nearby construction, or other issues, the area around the main can become unstable, causing the pipe to break.
  • Accidents – Unfortunately, there are many human factors that can cause a water main break too. The most common is damage during home construction and accidents resulting in a water main break.

How Do You Know If There Is a Main Line Break?

There are certain signs you can look for, such as water gushing or flowing from the ground, sinking roads, sidewalks, or groundwater seeping, or pooling out of the ground, or unusually wet or soggy ground. If you see any of these signs, please contact the District Operator at 281-324-9803 and report it. Detecting a main break quickly helps reduce the cost of the repair and prevents unnecessary loss of water. While the District’s operator does travel throughout the District to monitor facilities, they cannot be everywhere at once.  As a resident, you can provide valuable services to the District by helping to be our eyes in the field.  If you see something, say something. 

If you see signs of a water main break, here are the steps you should take. Report the main break to Professional Utility Services, Newport MUDs Operator immediately at 281-324-9803.

This is a 24-hour 7 day a week call line and a repair crew will be dispatched. They will inspect the damage and determine the proper repair procedure. Repair crews may need to turn off the water to complete the repair. They will close off the area so they can excavate and make repairs.

Updates on repair status and areas that are affected by the repairs are posted online at If you have not already done so, please log on and register for Text and Email alerts to get up to date District information.

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