Frontier Waste Solutions Update – 2/17/21

Hello Newport Residents,

Here is our Wednesday, 2/17 plan of attack for our Houston market.  We believe that the rains will be freezing in the night, but with above freezing temperatures by 9AM, we think that we can get some routes completed in areas tomorrow to alleviate the catch-up we will be playing after tomorrow.  One other factor about tomorrow is that our landfills have told us that they are only open from 10AM to 2PM due to power and personnel issues.  This has factored into our plan.

Here is what we have scheduled as of now:

Residential routes – We will NOT run any rear load manually collected routes.  We have limited personnel and with the poor early morning conditions, and short landfill hours, we will start those routes back with our normal Thursday operations on Thursday.

We really appreciate your patience, and the kind words you have expressed to us via calls, emails, and Facebook.  These past 72 hours have been really tough on Houstonians and the news of families losing loved ones who were just trying to stay warm has really hit us all pretty hard.  We are sorry that this event has been so tough on everyone and we will do everything in our power to help you get back to some normalcy as soon as possible.

Mattress Mack said it best today, “Grateful for everything, entitled to nothing.”  We really appreciate you all.

Take care, stay safe & warm.

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